Why PopHero CNFT is a scam

Locking discord

After the first minting batch, they introduced an extra rare drop of unique characters with 1/1 supply.

Special mints

They first had their ultra-rare drop: only 100 available. Ultra Rare. Special. Costs 40 $ADA — the same as their regular NFTs.

PopHeroNFT policy ID
Result list for the policy ID
An example of the Galaxy Drop NFT
PopHero3845 on Cardanoscan.io

Community handling

Now you can see why they have discord closed. They do not want to have members raising their voices or showcasing their scammed pop heroes. Then they could not generate hype for the continuing fake drops.

Me blocked by them


This project is a scam. They wanted to make big money but failed to get attention. Their initial drop did not sell out, did not even sell well as they’re currently at 283 minted assets:



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Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba

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