The Mask Man Scam

Why did I think it is a scam?

This is the most interesting part. There’re some signs you can see that made me think it’s a scam.

The promise of stealth drop
And the minting went life just 30 minutes after the FAQ

How much is in for the scammers?

As I have no idea how much a listing on OpenSea costs, nor how much you have to pay for a minting service, I’d go with the maximum amount of crypto this mint would cost poor people:

The usual suspects

What do you need to look out for if you see such posts to have the goosebumps feeling like you see a scam?

  • giving away something big for a RT, follow, comment — easy tasks, and this big thing is either a very valuable NFT or some big pile of money
  • it has the “hint” of “now minting” and a link to the project
  • the development team is not known or do not give their name to the project
  • doing something unusual: stealth minting to save the community from missing out
  • minting happens very slowly and over a great period of time
  • look at the activity on OpenSea and look for buyers — a whale who is minting a highly explosive NFT will buy more in bulk to save on GAS and multiply their profit

Fake it till you make it

This is just my opinion, maybe these paid shillers did not fake their portfolio and have really those assets (bought from shilling scams or doing the scams themselves — this is a hypothesis of course). Mainly, because of this picture:

Why did I invest time to research and writing this article?

Because I’ve got rug-pulled with The Pirates NFT. Yes, why lie about things? I wasn’t careful enough and lost about 0.2 ETH (2 NFTs + GAS).

Scammers among us

I am creating a video series where I expose scammers on Twitter. If you like, follow my series/my channel and see who is up to a scam currently:


Be suspicious if someone wants to give you a lot of money for free.



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