The giveaway experiment

The idea

The giveaway’s screenshot

The experiment

Soon, I realized I could play with numbers again. Having people reacting differently to the giveaway. I decided to dig deeper into the social media aspect of this giveaway and use some sociology skills I’ve learned at the university almost 20 years ago (crap, I feel old).

The second punk

As described in the previous section: many people did not guess with a number. They did a range or just commented. I had to figure out something to do not disqualify anybody just because of this.

Preparing the drawing

Drawing the winners was the most daunting part. I wanted to utilize a tool that does all the dirty stuff for me — at least for the second winner.

End results on my giveaway


After everything was done, I ran my script at noon CEST on the 2nd of October 2021. I haven’t imagined that so many people will join, and neither have I though of having to do a random choice between who guessed the right rank.


There’re many numbers. First, let’s look at the tweet statistics:

  • 5 quoted retweets
  • 166 replies


And here’s the tweet announcing those 2 luckies who won:


I mentioned, this evolved into a social (media) experiment. One thing I definitely see is the increased interaction I have with Twitter. I see more and more giveaways shared by my newly followed peers — and because I like free stuff I enter in most of them (you know, I dislike those where I have to tag friends; I do this only if I love what I see and want to share directly not just by retweeting).

The punks’ IDs

The winners know the ID of their punks and from this, they can get the rankings. However, let me share this information with you. I bet you’re interested.

Punk ID: 6232 (rank: 4320)
Punk ID: 8040 (rank 5935)


It was a very insightful experiment. I learned I only need followers and comments to make a valid giveaway. Maybe an enterprise or premium level Twitter Developer account would work to find out the likes and retweets.



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