The alt-season of 2021

Trading or #HODL

The market is volatile. Bitcoin is still dominating the whole cryptocurrency sector and a small correction can make your portfolio bleed. Therefore, trading can be a bit daunting having your SL hit on many trades.

Cardano ($ADA) to 50 USD

Some say this can happen in this alt-season. Sounds really superb, yielding an almost 44x gain (as of today the price of 1 ADA is 1.14 USD) but let’s be realistic. The crypto-economics work based on Market Capitalization (or Market Cap).

Cardano market summary taken from CoinGecko on 2021.03.09.
Cardano Market Stats
BTC Market Stats

Coins to look at — IMO

This is the most opinionated part of this article. I have done small investments into these coins because I believe in them — and I believe in them making multiplicative gains.

My goal for this alt-season

I do not have big bags, have small moon-bags of a few coins. I started investing recently after we finished building our house. So not much to invest in.


The season is there. You need to invest wisely based on your research. Corrections are always happening so do not fear.



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Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Well grounded developer, mentor. I wear glasses. No financial advice.