More on ADA’s Punkz

Searching for rarity.
My punk ranking on 75th place out of 10,000

I played a bit

If you give me some numbers I will start playing with them. Well, as a software developer who worked most of his life with numbers will do similar things.

Price discovery

Yes. The rarity chart pushed the project into price discovery mode and in my opinion, the secondary market sales will boom from now on — not to mention the insane prices you’ll find.

Why do people sell for lower prices?

Because they see that their NFT won’t hold value, it is a low-ranking punk (in our case), and they do not want to be bagholders. And if you sell your punk now for a lower price you can either mint new punks (if you sell 2 you already have tokens for a new one) and hope you get a rare one, or you want to jump into another NFT project and do asset-flipping. verification

As I mentioned in the introduction, the developer team was working for the past few days. Besides the rarity chart, they verified themselves over at and now you can search for ADAPunks hassle-free and secure at the marketplace:

Searching for an ADAPunk with the name and id

The selling rate

As you can see, the market sells already 20% of the available punks. The majority of the owners are not aware that the rarity chart is out. There’re some long-term investors who plan to keep some of their punks for months, years, or forever. I am one of these investors. I will definitely not sell all my punkz but I won’t hold it all forever. After finishing the article I’ll list some lower-ranking punks.

Summary and future

Now I’ve told you the news: rarity chart and verification done. The project is fully booming, the community is still lit and active.



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