All I see is Scammers…

The supporter

This one I encountered yesterday evening, when I went to Twitter to search for the official Yoroi Wallet account as I wanted to join a CNFT drop — but my Yoroi told me that they have issues. And there was this entry (or at least a similar one with the same email address):

The giving rich

I am planning an extra article on this topic as it is big. But to summarize: If someone holds a giveaway for an awful lot of money (or just an NFT in that size) then it is definitely a scam. If you look through their tweet history you see no giveaways. They’re doing them regularly but then those tweets disappear. Or they simply do not post any proof and everybody thinks they haven’t won. But nobody has.

Address sharing

If you share your address, everyone can look at your funds. Be it Ethereum or Cardano wallet.


Keep your crypto secrets to yourself. The tech teams will never ask you to send funds, give them passwords or seed phrases.



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Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Well grounded developer, mentor. I wear glasses. No financial advice.