ADA’s Punkz

My ADAPunkz collection as for now.

This will be a shill post of course. Skip it if you do not want to learn about a lit CNFT community.

First of all, I am not involved in the development nor the provider team. I just support this project as a stakeholder who minted some NFT-s when they have been released.

What I am talking about? It’s the project ADAPunkz.

They provide 10,000 unique punk pixel arts. Some are common, some are strange: but this makes them fun and unique. There’re some rare types like apes, aliens, zombies, or lobsters which are harder to find among these 10k, where the most are biological types (1–4). And there are some ultra-rare punkz like one with Voltaire's head.

The rarity chart is not ready yet (as of writing this article) but the team is working on it. If the chart is ready, secondary sales will start to boom.

What makes these punks special among others?

This is the most reasonable question to ask as there’re many punk-art projects already present — even on the Cardano blockchain.

First of all, the graphics. Even though it is pixel-art, the quality is good. There’re some punks where you just get a bunch of pixels that look like you took a small image and resized it to look bigger. These punks have nice quality.

Second, the quality of the detail. You get hommage to the main characters in the Cardano ecosystem:

  • Lobster type to Charles and his lobster
  • Ben Goertzel hat
  • Yoroi and Daedalus hats for the Wallets
  • Shelley head for the era (and I guess there’s a Byron type too)

Secondary sales

These are sales where people, who minted their punks, are trying to get rid of them on CNFT websites like BTW, this link brings you to the page where the real ADAPunkz are sold.

As you can see, the prices vary. Heavily, even without knowing the real price or rarity of the punk for sale. Well, for some exotic pieces the high prices aren’t new, although, some are overpriced IMO. For example these aren’t worth that much they’re asking:

Anyhow, mint yourself some punks while the price is 40 $ADA, you could have the luck to get a rare image.

Nevertheless, the prices will adapt once the rarity chart is presented to the public — and I believe the available market supply will explode. Many will sell their punks around the mint price, maybe a bit higher just to realize some profit (I bet the lowest price one will offer will be 50 $ADA, resulting in 25% profit) because those punks are not rare.

And some will just sell their punks cheap even though those images are rare — just because they are doing NFT flipping and do not care.

Tip: invest time to scroll through the sales pages. Go for the link I provided (here it is again) — because if you buy from a Cardano-NFT marketplace you have to check the Policy ID to be the same as for the real project because it is easy to download a punk image from Twitter and then sell it as an NFT and scam people. So, invest the time to scroll through the page and find rare punks cheap enough to say: I am buying now because it’s dope and the price is OK.

A simple calculation

Just to calculate the price of a punk let’s look at this one (which is mine):

Based on information by an administrator on the Discord server of the project, there are only 154 Yoroi samurai punks. Other attributes do not matter.

From this information we can deduct a baseline for the pricing of a Yoroi punk using these variables:

  • we have 10k punks in sum
  • there are 154 Yoroi
  • to mint 1 punk it costs you 40 $ADA

10000/154 = 64,94 -> 65 mints are required mathematically to get one Yoroi punk. Therefore, a baseline price would be

65*40 = 2600 $ADA

for a Yoroi punk.

Surely, this is the hypothetical price and required mints. As you can see in my collection, I already have 2 Yoroi. But the formula is peer-reviewed.

How to mint

If you’re still in the early phase and the token’s aren’t sold out yet (as I am writing this, there’re just 6300 tokens minted — you have 3700 more available. If the link shows you 10k then you need to proceed to the marketplaces and buy for higher prices.

Now, if you still can mint, then you need a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet with funds in it: at least 40 $ADA plus some dust to cover the network fees, 41 $ADA is already good.

Then you send your $ADA (which is a multiple of 40 up to 400) to the following address:


After that you get back your punkz — the speed is based on the Cardano network, on the first day it took some time to get mine as the network was under high load and the minting platform too as many projects started on the same day.

After both transactions are done, you can look at your punkz over at<your wallet address you sent your $ADA from>

I bookmarked the page where my punks are at so I do not have to look-up everytime the address.

Anyway, if you do not trust me, then look at the website of the project for the minting steps:


Buy ADAPunks and join the Discord server. Spread the word on Twitter.

And of course, let’s wait together for the rarity chart to arrive — and see what uses the punks will have.



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