Ada’s Postcards

Now this will be a fully promotional post. I am working on the Cardano Postcards project.

Why not? I thought about doing something Cardano NFT related and remembered how I liked to collect postcards — but my goal is not to create a collection. At least not for now.

My idea was to create you an option to have unique postcards that you can print and send to your friends and family — or just use as a digital postcard (well, for this I have to dig deeper into the Cardano ecosystem and do more development so this is on the long-term roadmap).

If you ask me if I am in for the money then I have to disappoint you: read the pricing section.

My current roadmap is very flexible. What I know is:

  • Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving cards will come
  • Airdrop cards for holders

For the future, I have plans like this

  • summer holiday cards
  • teaming up with other NFT projects to create cards based on their work
  • enable digital postcard sending of your owned postcards

Social is Twitter:

I have no discord as currently, I see no reason to build a community around the postcards. If we ever reach a collector’s club state I will definitely create a space to hang out together.

I will create a simple homepage. Maybe I’ll start out with a free hosted service if I find an easily maintainable one. If not, I’ll use my current domain as the project’s homepage.

My pricing is based on 2 factors:

  1. fund my costs I invested into the project (the hours I spent on creating these postcards are not counted as it won’t make sense to let you pay for the project I create out of passion and not work on it full time)
  2. enable me to upgrade my work environment to give you better quality postcards in the future (higher resolution, more details)

Therefore, I decided on the following pricing for the first, Christmas drop:

As I am using NFTMaker Pro for my mint it will cost me 200 $ADA to mint all the 100 postcards. If I sell each 1-by-1 then I get 1000 $ADA, if all are minted in 10s then 800 $ADA. I am sure there’ll be hidden fees.

To get quality gear at home I need around 2000 $ADA — depending on the exchange rates. And to be honest, I haven’t looked deeply into this topic, maybe I need more than that. Therefore, I will put the money first into upgrading my current solution, which costs me — depending on the exchange rates — 200 $ADA.

If this project gets mass attention, I have to re-evaluate the supply and the prices. But first, let me start with the initial batch of 100 based at 12 (10) $ADA.

This is what I am working on. Minting goes live between the 15th and 19th of November 2021. The only wallet address will be posted on the project’s Twitter page.



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Gabor Laszlo Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba

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