ADA’s Ninjaz

About the project

If you go to the project’s home page, you’ll find a lot of information. The creators have long-term plans and are building a great community.


I am utterly lucky as I could participate in the presale. I got whitelisted out of sheer luck. Why do I think this is superb?

Floor price && secondary market

First of all, the project is verified over at However, always make sure to use and verify the policy ID of the projects you buy assets from. For ADA Ninjaz it’s the following:

Launch date

The first mint date is the 8th of October, 2021, at 8 pm UTC.

  • be prepared and have your $ADA ready in your compatible wallet
  • the team suggests Daedalus (on a PC) or CCWallet (for mobile) as Yoroi tends to go down under high load
  • to mint 1 ninja you need 58 $ADA (plus ~0.2 for transaction fees)
  • you can mint a maximum of 5 Ninjaz (290 $ADA + transaction fees)
  • the minting address will go live on their homepage at 8 pm UTC
  • ~10k people will send 290 $ADA to the minting address, you need to be fast
  • 7888 Ninjaz are there to mint


The launch of ADA Ninjaz is on fire. Even though the presale just started, the whole community is itched.



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